Entrepreneur Profile: Bob from Omaha, NE

Here’s our first entrepreneur profile of 2017. Meet Bob.

Bob started his first blog back in 2009 when he first heard about all those mommy bloggers making money on the internet. And they were making a lot of money.

There are two kinds of easy money: inherited and lottery and I can’t help you with either.

What I’m going to show you is a real, tangible way to make a decent income online, so hopefully you can say goodbye to your current form of income.

First, let me ask you a little about your job though. You go to work every day and actually work, right?

I mean you go there and perform tasks all day long, yes? Of course you do. And of course you get paid for doing that as well.

So why are you here? Why are you online looking for something else?

Do you work too much?
Do you not like your income?
Do you not like your boss?
Are you tired of the daily commute?
Co-workers not quite as wonderful as you had hoped?

And on and on and on……

There are tons of reasons why people are so dejected with their current position and are looking for something different.

And there are as many reasons why people are having such difficulty online.

Many decide to look to the internet as a way to wealth and security. There’s nothing wrong with this as the opportunities seem to be endless.

But too many of those same people think that they can just jump online and make a fortune overnight and be on easy street by next week.

Not only that, they believe that all they’ll have to do is sit in front of their computer for 5 minutes a day and have the rest of the day off.

Not gonna happen!

When you start your own business, you will have to work. Just like your current job…when you are there you perform the tasks required of you.

However, (yes the upside….there had to be one:-) is that your online business has so many more benefits, you will be motivated to do a phenomenal job. After all, it is your own business! And that’s one of the benefits…let’s see what else….

You run the show.
You work from home.
You don’t drive in rush hour traffic.
You control your income.
You have no physical store to sap your resources.
You are the only employee.
You sleep better at night.
You have no products to package and ship.
You get Tax breaks.
Did I mention working from home?

It’s all about YOU!

So, where to start?

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World Businessman Grant Cardone’s The 10x Rule Will Change Your Mindset On Life

Take a little bit of Tony Robbins and mix it up with your local car salesman guy who has been winning ‘salesman of the month awards’ and slanging whips for the last 30 years and you get Grant Cardone.

So I read The 10x Rule a few weeks ago when I was going on a family vacation and came away with a lot of takeaways about the magic of thinking big and 10x-ing my life in many different aspect.

The concept of 10-xing your life isn’t just a monetary goal…its also about 10xing your relationships with your family, as a husband or wife, as a son or daughter. It’s about thinking 10x, knowing that its going to take the same amount of effort to make a thousand dollars a month, 10 thousand dollars a month, or even a 100 thousand dollars per month.

Yeah, think about that for a second.

Those income levels are literally the same amount of effort, regardless. Grant preaches how it is up to us to trick and manipulate our minds so that we can think on 10x levels. We literally need to be multiplying our current targets by 10 so we can transform our thoughts and begin a new journey of 10 xing our lives.

The crazy thing?

It’s not too difficult to pull off. Like I said before, Cardone talks about the effort literally being the same for those same 3 income levels…the rest is pure mindset. The power of 10x is allowing our minds to move into new territories that most people feel uncomfortable doing.

And the crazy part?

The higher we think, the easier the competition gets. That’s right…think about it for a second…the more we think 10x, the lesser the comp because most people do not have the guts or the willpower to bust out those kinds of thoughts. Thoughts that make Kanye West the musician that he is today…thoughts that make Conoor Macgregor the type of boxer that he is today…those guys create their own realities and literally 10x their lives before people even know who they are…

Case in point, you have the 10x of Kanye West when he was literally still an unknown…he was hanging around dave Chappelle and he answered his cell phone and said “hey, I cant do that because I do dope stuff and this is my life”.

He knew he was going to be a star long before the rest of the world knew.

Finally, Grant Cardone stresses the importance of removing time from fear. Fear is like a fire flame and when you allow it grow, it becomes bigger. That’s the crazy thing about fear…we can’t give it time to grow. Just like fire gets bigger when we add air to it, our fears get bigger when we do not address them and we allow them to get bigger..

If you call a CEO 5 seconds after you think about calling her, you will most likely do it because you haven’t allowed the fear to transpire. This is the crazy thing about removing time from fear.